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February 04, 2008


Helen Boyd (daughter of Col. A. Mark Smith II)

It was wonderful/horrible reading your site because I was in japan with you. However, i was five when I got there, so my memories aren't quite as crisp as yours. My parents were best friends with the Rothschilds, so Susan and I were good friends, as much as you can be as some one so much younger. I adored her, and she was very sweet to me. Of course, my parents were so busy taking care of their very good friends that they kind of left me with my older brothers to take care of me. Sometimes it's so far back and fuzzy, it's like a nightmare. But I'm glad you wrote this because a friend told me that I should look it up and find out more about it. What were your references, if I can ask?

Colleen Todd

Thank you so much for your comment. I most certainly didn't expect to have a comment on this subject since it happened so long ago. Normally I change the names of people I write about, but I felt Susan deserved some type of tribute after all of these years. It was such a traumatic part of my life, I had a difficult time writing about it. I was searching the internet looking for articles when a friend of mine accessed a website with all of the original Stars and Stripes articles about this incident, so I was able to read the original newspaper articles. I don't remember what website she accessed now, it's been so long ago that I wrote this. Those were my references, and up until I wrote this I really believed that I was the actual target this man was intending to kill. Reading the original articles made me realize it was just a random killing.

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